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New community!

rashaka and irrel would like to introduce all fans of the Rachel Morgan / Hollows novel series by Kim Harrison to a new community:

vampiric_charms is a community dedicated to Kim Harrison's epic urban fantasy novels and all the wonderful witch/vamp/pixie mayhem therein. Feel free to post fanfic , fanart, discussions, spoilers or anything relevant to the series. Fans of all characters, all pairings, and all the books are welcome!

Plans for the community:

  • Planned weekly discussions of characters, villains, relationships, and world-building

  • Games and activities

  • Fanart, graphic, and fanfiction challenges and contests

  • Monthly book discussions

  • News and publishing updates

  • Squee....lots of squee!

This community is a labor of our love for the series and we hope it'll get a lot of posts and comments by people that love this series as much as we do. Please join us, guys!

Fanart: Flowers - Zutara

Title: Flowers
Fandom: Avatar
Ship: Zutara
Rating: G

I always come back to this fandom...Collapse )

Fanvid: Wake Up - Star Trek

Title: Wake Up by Arcade Fire
Pairing(s): Some Spock/Uhura, mostly Gen.
Rating: G
Notes: A tribute to Star Trek XI. It stated being a video about Spock and Kirk growing up but I couldn't resist adding the whole crew in it.

But now that I'm older, my heart's colder, and I can see that it's a lie.Collapse )

Fanart: Poemas

Title: Poemas
Fandom: Hey Arnold
Ship: Helga/Arnold

Te envio poemas de mi puño y letraCollapse )

Fanart: Conspiracy

Title: Conspiracy
Rating: G
Note: Spoilers for A Conspiracy of Kings!

Spoilery fanart after the jump :)Collapse )

I've turned my LJ into a fanart gallery. Have you noticed? XD

Fanart potpourri

Title: Adventure
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rose/Nine

I want adventure in the great wide somewhereCollapse )

Title: Karma
Rating: G
Fandom: Hellsing
Pairing: Integra/Alucard
Notes: Inspired by sir_hellsing's fanfic Karma.

Those colours suit you.Collapse )

Title: Phonesex
Rating: Surprisingly G for that title, hah.
Fandom: Hellsing
Pairing: Integra/Alucard

Sir Penwood is paying for this phone bill.Collapse )

Title: Fucking Angels...
Fandom: Georgina Kincaid book series
Pairing: Georgina/Carter

Why are impossible ships so much fun?Collapse )

Fanart: Flowers - ST

Title: Flowers
Author: irrel
Characters/Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Rating: G
Warnings: Nothing.
Summary: Colorful and fluffy~
A/N: Fanart made for fialleril who donated for help_haiti :) Thank you!

Admiring the flora...Collapse )

Hellsing fanart... wait what?

Hellsing fanart dump! Hellsing? Yes, Hellsing. I was surprised too. (Comments copy/pasted from my DA account because I'm lazy.)

IntegraCollapse )

***************Collapse )

Fluffy fluffCollapse )

She felt as if she had been caught doing something wrong, though she has no idea what it was.Collapse )

I've drawn regular!Integra, Young!Integra/Bondagecard, 16ish!Integra/Puppycard and Young!Integra/Girlycard but not regular AxI fanart and I plan to change that sometime soon, haha. I love that this ship has many many incarnations (and somehow all of them make me feel like a pervert XD).

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