Irrel (irrel) wrote,

Fanart and LIAB dump

Hello! I haven't been posting here in a while...

Fandom: October Daye novels
Ship: Toby/Tybalt

We were al­ready so close to­geth­er that he didn’t have to move to put his arms around my waist; he just did it, ad­vis­ing mild­ly, “You may want to hold your breath.”

“Wha—” I asked, too sur­prised to pull away.

“Suit your­self,” he said, and fell back­ward, drag­ging me with him in­to the shad­ows still lin­ger­ing at the mouth of the al­ley.

Rosemary and Rue - Book one of the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire.

Toby/Tybalt, my latest obsession right there. rashaka recced the series to me and we've had a blast talking about it. I'm a sucker for Urban Fantasy and this one is up there with all my favorites. Toby doesn't annoy me, which is always a plus and ALL the side characters are interesting (Tybalt most of all :P). The fourth book needs to be out soon... Is it March yet?!

ETA: Hi people that found me thanks to seanan_mcguire's post :D I'm more than happy to share this drawing with readers that love this series as much as I do! I have another Toby sketch here and plan to do many more because I find Toby to be quite awesome.

(BTW, don't worry, I know this is not how everybody pictures the characters. Book fanart is tricky that way. Heck, I'm not sure this is how I picture Tybalt either, he keeps changing in my mind but I'll keep drawing him until I get it right-at least to my liking :P)

Title: LIAB comics
Fandom: Original
Notes: Just a autobio comic I'm working on :)

So I've been playing Zelda :D I quite like it but I can't decide if I want to ship something...

Tags: book, fanart, original comic:liab, otp:toby/tybalt
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