Irrel (irrel) wrote,


Title: Sketching
Fandom: Leviathan book series
Ship: Deryn/Alek

Is Irrel suddenly shipping slash? Nah.

Meet Alek and Deryn from the Leviathan book series by Scott Westerfeld, biggest ship tease ever. Alek is a prince on the run and Deryn is a girl dressing up as a boy to be a soldier. Problem is: Alec has no idea XD

If you're looking a book rec, read this! It has it all: Mecha, steampunk, alternate history (WWI~), fabricated animals, awesome female characters, and of course... our-love-could-never-be ship, my favorite kind!

*waits patiently for third book*

Oh, yeah, did I mention they're sitting on a flying whale?

Fanart heavily based on the book illustrations, btw. For example!

Tags: book, fanart, otp:deryn/alek
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