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Fanart dump - Megamind and Link

So I've drawn a lot of Megamind lately. But can you really blame me?

Fanart inspired by the fic Honesty by saltintheoven.

Her fingers drew themselves out of his collar and made their way around his neck instead. He blinked at last, then with or without his help, his eyes drifted shut. He relaxed.

Look, I drew a background! I'm very proud of this one :)

Fanart for the awesome fanfic Our Beautiful Tomorrow by mekosuchinae.

Roxanne screwed up her nose. She squinted at the ceiling and as a joke thought, Burn, baby, burn.

The burn at the back of her eyes flared violently; her vision reddened. In the flittering span of half a heartbeat, she saw two precise holes bore deep into her ceiling.

It was too much of a pretty picture in my head not to draw it :)

So, this was mostly coloring practice! It was inspired in part by Our Beautiful Tomorrow by mekosuchinae because the only thing that would have made the movie more awesome would have been Roxanne getting superpowers instead of Hal.

I have a serious girl-crush XD

So I was feeling like domestic fanart...

I do find it weird that Megamind can grow a beard when he has no hair. I would have thought that he glued it on if it wasn't for his father having a beard too. Thinking about it too much? Naaaah.

Hahaha, blue nipples.

Also I find it amusing that if Roxanne wears one of Megamind's shirt it'd be really snug on her :P

Little!Roxanne defending little!Megamind from some bullies at school. Because she's awesome :D

I just love school AUs a little too much...

Random wind waker!Link doodle I decided to color :)

That's a lot of fanart... I HAVE A BURNING DESIRE TO DRAW MEGAMIND HIGH SCHOOL AU. I just thought I'd put it out there :P
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