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Fanart: Drawing, Prom, Ice Cream, Guardian Angel

Title: Drawing
Character: Little!Megamind and little!Roxanne

 I thought Megamind as a kid was the cutest thing ever and I do wonder what would have happened if Roxanne and him had gone to the same school.

Title: Ice Cream
Fandom: Symbionic Titan
Characters: Ilana/Lance

Galaluna doesn't have ice cream :|

I love this show.

Title: Prom
Fandom: Symbionic Titan
Characters: Ilana/Lance

This is awkward because they're posing as brother and sister LOL.

Title: Do you know you're my guardian angel?
Fandom: Time Travelers book series (AKA The Gideon trilogy)
Characters: Peter/Kate

LOVE this series. The ending broke my heart a bit D:

Sorry for the fanart dump. It's been a while... :D
Tags: book, fanart, movie, tvshow
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